The Vision


Catty Town’s vision is a global online community led business that is –

  1. Owned by the community market it serves.
  2. Designed by the community market it serves.
  3. Operated by the community market it serves.

We want to build the IDEAL online home for the community we are all passionate members of, Vintage-Rockin’-Roots. Why should we rely on global corporations (whose only motivation is profit) to provide the services we use to interact with our friends and customers, wouldn’t it be better to build our own, one that reflects our interests and passions in an authentic way. This is a global business where the profits stay in our market, constantly being re-invested ensuring we all reach our maximum potential.

We can’t do this alone, we need your help. Only by coming together as our tribe can we produce the resources necessary to make a vision like this a reality. Please look over this website, consider our plans and then get in touch if any of this sounds like a project you would be interested in?




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