The Platform

A Community Based Global Platform:

Catty Town will be a fully Interactive (Online and Mobile) Social Media and Trading Platform customised for the related global community of people interested in Roots Music and Vintage Lifestyle.

On this page we will try to explain how the platform will work. Let’s start with an early image of how the platform will look as visualised by our web designers.

This is how a typical news feed will look to a user with a series of colour coded tiles representing different post types including events, messages from friends, items for sale and news.

Catty Town will take some of the best features of existing global platforms and customise them specifically for our community.

  • It will be “Interest” based like Pinterest, allowing you to predefine your own specific interests from the Roots and Vintage World. Your default news feed will be populated by posts from the same interest categories, while it will still be easy for you to hop to a new category easily using our drop downs and search engines. Each user will create their own unique Roots and Vintage world online.


  • It will be “Network” based like Facebook allowing you to become friends with people you know and dig or follow businesses and events you are interested in. Unlimited tagging will allow people to communicate as groups.


  • It will be “Trading” based like Ebay allowing all registered users to trade their unwanted second hand goods or set up as a trader and sell multiple items (under licence, see separate page for full details of our Trading License system).


In summary, Catty Town will serve as a customised platform for our market combining elements of all of these general platforms.



Any internet user can see and view Catty Town, however, to become an active member of our community and interact with our sellers etc. you will need to become a resident of Catty Town.


The Catty Town Platform will be a unique community of like-minded people but we need to protect this community by ensuring that only those with a genuine interest in this community and market will have access to our communication and trading system. To achieve this we are designing a unique “Invitation Only” system and full details of this system can be seen in a separate page on this website. Only residents of Catty Town will be able to socialise, shop or sell using our system.