The Investment


Building Catty Town is a huge challenge, we intend to design and build a platform to take on global giants at a fraction of the price but we have already identified the human resources needed to achieve this. The next challenge is raising the funds necessary to deliver on our plan and we intend to do this in two ways.

N.B. All investments are risky, particularly when investing in forward looking statements, please ensure you have read our Risk Documents before you consider any investment.

  1. We are going directly to the VRR market with the opportunity to become joint owners of Catty Town. We have created our own Catty Town Tribe Crowd Fund Vehicle and we plan to sell 1000 shares in this future business at €200 per share*. These investment opportunities are targeted directly at businesses, promoters and anyone active in the market itself creating a unique business model where the market itself owns its main platform for communication and trade. We plan to sell all the shares in 8 months.
  2. As we gain traction selling our crowd fund shares we are obtaining proof of value in the proposal and we will use this proof of value to leverage larger strategic investment in the next few months. Once this is in place we start to actively build the system and algorithms needed to drive the future platform, we have already started the design process.

*Note these investments are made in Catty Town Tribe Limited, a private limited company registered in the UK and operated under UK law. There is no future risk to crowd fund investors from any future debt that Catty Town Tribe Limited may incur, the only risk is your original (or any subsequent) investment in Catty Town.

As stated above there are inherent risks involved in any investment like this but we believe that there are also huge potential rewards for all investors when we deliver on our plan, see our 8 page brochure below which describes the full list of benefits that each crowd fund investor will receive when we are successful.

Brochure being Updated, back soon.