Bringing Our Community Together


In business circles it is said that to succeed, your business idea must be addressing and solving an existing problem. By solving this problem you bring value to peoples lives and success is guaranteed. At Catty Town we believe that we have identified a “Problem” that our new platform will solve, in fact a series of problems.

The Problem: We have identified the Vintage and Roots community as a unique and significant global market but it is not an easy market to navigate online, there are hundreds of thousands of individual trading businesses all using their own e-commerce websites to sell their products, but to find the product you want can take hours. Navigating the market online is incredibly TIME CONSUMING! Most of these businesses also use general social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market their trading products but with billions of users and an almost infinite variety of content these services are so CLUTTERED & NOISY, it is increasingly difficult to get your message heard, particularly as some of these services limit access to your postings to drive ad revenue. Finally many of these businesses also use open trading marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon but these systems are open to LIMITLESS COMPETITION, and a genuine supplier can often find themselves being undercut by a huge global seller who can sell products cheaply.


Those active in the VRR market (like ourselves) are frustrated with their online experiences and this is often expressed in social and other media and in blogs etc.


So that is the problem or problems we have identified, how does Catty Town solve these problems –

We will take some of the best features of the general platforms described and customise them just for the VRR market creating an EXCLUSIVE online home where this market can come together and easily find each other to socialise and trade. We will make friends and businesses easier to find, will filter out all the unnecessary general noise and clutter and provide a targeted audience for a trading system that is cheaper and easier to use and with less competition.


Take a look at the picture above, it is the “Classic Car Boot Sale” that takes place in London on a regular basis. This is a physical manifestation of what we are going to do online, London is a huge city full of trade and hundreds of general markets but the needs of the people who trade in the CCBS were not being met in these other markets and they set up their own one where their specific audience could find the sellers and products they wanted in an atmosphere and surroundings that suited their lifestyle. Catty Town will be an online expression of the same principle, becoming THE online marketplace where our community will feel at home.

We will bring all the elements of this currently disjointed online market together in one place, to the benefit of all.