Our Community = Our Market

The Global Vintage – Rockin’ – Roots Community

The founders, creators and promoters of Catty Town are all active members of a large global niche community of people with similar interests under three main sub-categories:

  1. Vintage Lifestyle and it’s sub-categories: Vintage and Retro Clothes, Hair and Beauty, Household Goods, Vintage Cars and Hot-Rods, Tattooing, Pin-Up and Burlesque, Dance Classes etc.
  2. Roots Music and it’s sub-categories: Jazz and Swing, Blues/R&B and Soul, Roots Country/Bluegrass and Western Swing, Surf and Garage, and Americana and Roots Rock.
  3. Rockin’ Music (itself a sub-category of Roots Music but one with its own lifestyle and culture) and its sub-categories: 1950’s RnR, Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Doo Wop, Instrumental, Car Clubs etc.


There is a community of over 200 million people globally interested in some aspect of these sub-cultures. Some people are even interested in all aspects listed above. Typically it represents an interest in the lifestyle and music of the middle part of the twentieth century, from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.

This is a large niche market which is incredibly active online both socially and commercially but it has no REAL home online, we want to offer an authentic home for this market. It will be a global online tool CUSTOMISED for the VRR market.




In summary we put the market size at over 200 million people (who have an interest in one or more of the VRR sub-categories) with an annual spend that we can target of between 30 and 50 billion USD a year. 200 Million people represents 2.7% of the total global population and the market spend is roughly 0.1% of the total global consumer market.

How did we reach these figures –

  1. The Size Of The Market:

We looked at the Facebook ads system and interest categories related to the VRR market. A snapshot taken on one day in 2015 put the global interest in these related categories at and these are just some of the interest categories we can target –

  • 218 million Facebook users have expressed an interest in Blues Music.
  • 27 million users in Swing music.
  • 23 million in Rockabilly music.
  • 24 million in Vintage Clothes.
  • 2.6 million in Vintage Cars.


2. The VRR TAM annual spending:

We looked at each sub-category of activity we can target and divided it into goods that can be traded or services that can be advertised. We then researched online the full global market in that segment and then applied an estimate of the % of that full market that is related to the VRR market.


Our business plan aims to achieve a market penetration of 1 – 2 % in 5 years.

Finally we had a look at one days trading on Ebay related to our market, again this sample was taken in 2015.

  • 517,559 items were categorised in 1940’s and 1950’s categories.
  • 259,949 items were listed in Rockabilly category.
  • There were 50,114 items in Woman and Mens Vintage Clothes from 1947 to 1964.


Each transaction that takes place helps make Ebay one of the most powerful companies in the world. Wouldn’t it be preferable if this trading was organised by a company that is actually owned by and benefits the market/culture it serves?


Catty Town is that Company!


Catty Town will not just be another global platform whose aim is to profit from the market it serves. It will be a REAL Virtual Community of people with shared passions, each resident of Catty Town will be a seller and a buyer supporting each other and as Catty Town will be owned by our community it’s profits will be re-invested in our community to the benefit of all.