Invite Only Membership


Note: Membership of our online community will always be FREE.

Just like communities in the real world, a virtual online community needs to be protected. Catty Town is focussed on very specific interests, so it is equally important that we ensure the activity on the platform matches those interests. With both of these considerations in mind we have decided to make residency of Catty Town “Invite Only”, but what does that mean?

To become a “Resident” of Catty Town you will need to –

  1. Be given an invitation code by one of our existing traders/investors, ambassadors or member of our admin team. This invitation code will unlock membership for you and act as proof that you ARE active in the VRR community.
  2. Be invited or vouched for by a friend of yours who is already a resident of Catty Town.
  3. Apply for residency using our online form on the platform home page, when applying you must prove your involvement in whichever aspect of the VRR market you are interested or active in.

Other protection tools –

  • A ratings systems for both buyers and sellers, ensuring that both sides can trade with more confidence.

A simple reporting system for any unwanted activity which can include –

  • Any Spam.
  • General trading not related to VRR Market.
  • Fraudulent buying or selling.

Together with our rules for traders, we believe that these measures can help to protect our community and ensure our new ONLINE HOME remains a pleasant place to socialise and do business.