Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)




Q: What is Catty Town?

A: Catty Town is a new social media and trading platform being developed for the global Vintage-Rockin-Roots market of over 200 million people. Our fully interactive platform will be online and a mobile APP. It will have the communication and networking capability of Facebook and Twitter, can be focused to your specific interests like Pinterest and offer trading opportunities like Ebay. Catty Town will be a REAL online HOME for the Vintage-Rockin-Roots (VRR) community.



Q: What does the Vintage-Rockin-Roots market mean?

A: This is the global community of over 200 million people who have an interest in some aspect of Vintage Lifestyle or Roots music. Very often these interests overlap and taken together the three elements represent a worldwide movement of people with a passionate interest in the music and lifestyle of the mid part of the twentieth century. There is an annual spend in this market of over 200 Billion USD and Catty Town only needs a fraction of this to build a viable business.



Q: How will the Catty Town Platform work?

A: Like all the general platforms many of you use already, e.g. Facebook, it will be completely interactive and you will be able to create your own personal and business profiles and use these to communicate with friends and customers, sell your products and create events etc.

Q: Why use Catty Town if these general platforms already exist?

A: It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your message to the audience you want using these platforms whose business growth model is based on getting you to spend on advertising and they are constantly restricting how many of your friends and customers actually see your posts. Also there is so much activity on these general platforms, we are all drowning in an ocean of social media noise and clutter. For anyone active in the VRR market the best place to find like minded people and potential customers for your products in the future will be in Catty Town.



Q: What will the platform look like?

A: The image below is an initial design template made by our technical department. Each tile seen represents a different post in your news feed and they are colour coded by post type, with different colours signifiying messages from friends, an event, shared music or an item for sale.



Q: I have no interest in some aspects of the VRR scene, do I have to engage with all aspects of the community?

A: Catty Town will operate like Facebook crossed with Pinterest, allowing you to receive posts in your news feed from your friends and any business you are following (digging) but also to pre-set your specific interests to receive general posts in these interest areas. Example, a Catty Town user who pre-sets specific interest areas of “Rockabilly”, “Vintage Dresses”, and “Hot Rods” will have their news feed populated by posts tagged into those categories.

Q: Does pre-setting my interest’s mean I have no access to other interest areas of Catty Town?

A: No, these are just your default pre-sets, you can visit another part of town at any time using simple drop down lists and tags. When you first log on, your defaults switch on but you are free to explore. It will be possible to completely customise your online VRR world depending on your specific interests. There will also be special categories and tags for features like the Global Event Calendar or to go directly to shopping.

Q: Will my personal data be secure? Will it be commercialized?

A: Catty Town guarantees to never sell our residents personal data for profit. In fact we will install state of the art security to protect your data.

Q: How will you control bogus traders or consumers to prevent fraud in either direction?

A: Only licensed and approved traders can trade in Catty Town. To shop in Catty Town, all consumers must be a registered “RESIDENT” of town, this is FREE. Residency of Catty Town is offered initially on an “INVITE” basis using our licensed traders and our global and regional ambassadors to invite their own networks of contacts for the initial population. After that the first residents can invite their own networks. Alternatively interested parties can apply for residency directly on the platform and our admin staff will approve them if they meet some simple criteria. By controlling our membership in this way we will not alone protect our community, we also remove all the general noise that so afflict other general social platforms. You can see more information about how we will protect this community in separate pages on this site “Invite Only Membership” and “For Traders“.

Q: When will Catty Town go online?

A:  We plan to launch in November 2017 and to reach that launch date we need to hit our crowd fund target! Join the tribe and let’s make this a reality!



Q: I have heard about the opportunity to invest in Catty Town, what is that about?

A: We have no interest in creating another global business that just uses it’s market for profit, we want to create a global business that is owned by the community and market that it serves. This will ensure that profits made in this business will stay in our market and community allowing us all to prosper as the business develops. We have created an equity crowd fund style share offering that opens the ownership of Catty Town to businesses and traders that are already active in the VRR market. We believe that only by working together, CAN we develop the type of online home our community deserves.

Q: What do you mean by equity crowd fund share offering?

A: We are selling 20% of the equity in Catty Town Tribe Limited in 1000 shares priced at €200.

Q: Why do you need this money?

A: To design and build a World Class Social and Trading Platform and create the team needed to run it, we are raising €600k this year. One third of this money will be raised from smaller investors in this crowd fund style project.

Q: What are the benefits of owning a share in the Catty Town Platform?

A: For a €200 investment, you will receive the following, an equity share in the ownership of Catty Town and a unique revenue share that will give you a quarterly financial return when the site starts trading, this return will start small but grow as the total trading activity on Catty Town increases. But the really unique thing is by purchasing a Catty Town Revenue share; you will receive 5 Trading Licenses. See the table below with full details of benefits received by each investor.



Q: What is a Catty Town Trading License (CTTL)?

A: To trade on the future platform all traders will need a Catty Town Trading License. Once the platform goes live these licenses will be available for purchase for €50 each. Traders can buy these direct from Catty Town or from a friend they know that has a license for sale. If you are a trader yourself, you will need to keep one license for your own activity, leaving you four to sell or give away for friends and other traders. If you own 2 revenue shares you would have 9 licenses to trade or give away. If you sell all your available CTTL’s you will already have made most of your initial investment back, before any revenue dividend is paid.


Q: How many CTTL’s will exist?

A: We are issuing 1000 revenue shares, which will create 5000 trading licenses, plus any bonuses created by Fat Cat investments. When the first 5000 are sold, we will re-issue another 5000 trading licenses to our existing revenue shareholders. The CTTL’s are permanent TL’s with just a once off cost but ARE non transferrable.

Q: Can I get help to trade my CTTL’s?

A: The Catty Town Platform will have a system that allows traders to buy a license easily for a once off fee of €50, but the licenses being sold will belong to our revenue shareholders and will be sold on a first come, first sold basis. The very first license (in fact the first 5) we sell in this system will belong to our first investor and we will issue the revenue created directly to the shareholder, they do not have to lift a finger. The next five sold will belong to the person who purchased the second share etc. Revenue Shareholders can also sell directly to friends using this system, with the purchaser being able to denitrify a preferred seller from our list of shareholders.

Q: Are there really several ways I can get value from my initial €200 investment?

A: As listed above, you will receive CTTL’s that can be sold, you will receive a preferred share in Catty Town that is a commodity with a rising value as the business develops and that you can sell on at any time in the future for a profit. But you will also receive a growing quarterly return on your investment based on the total trading revenue the platform generates. Further benefits include your own access to our global platform enabling you to reach as wide an audience as possible and sell your own goods directly to them.

Q: Has anything like this ever been done before?

A: Community owned and funded businesses like Catty Town are a new but growing phenomenon and one of the best examples is the UK Craft Brewery Brewdog who have successfully built a multi million pound brewing and pub business using an equity crowd fund approach.



Q: Are there any other reasons for investing in Catty Town?

A: Yes, we believe there are compelling community, ethical and moral reasons to invest in Catty Town. We will be providing a new online home for EVERYONE involved in any aspect of the global “Vintage and Roots” community.  Catty Town exists to benefit our community, not to rip it off, check out our slide below.



Q: You mentioned Ambassador roles several times above, what does this involve?

A: Catty Town intends to appoint a team of at least 50 ambassadors from all categories and geographical parts of the VRR world. Ambassadors will receive a monthly payment for work done to promote Catty Town, increasing our population and trading activity. This monthly payment will increase as the success of the platform increases. A typical ambassador would be a blogger, reviewer or somebody active on existing social media and while we hope to hand pick many of these from our initial investors, we will also accept applications from non investors who are genuinely interested.

Q: Will Ambassadors have any other roles in the Catty Town Platform?

A: Yes, instead of a traditional advertising model, we will offer businesses who are interested in getting to more people access to our ambassador network. If you re-post a promotion or product from one of our signed up businesses to your own network, you will receive bonus payments.