Brand Ambassadors


Another pretty unique feature of Catty Town will be our approach to marketing. We are looking for a team of marketeers from the VRR market itself to help us get our message into every nook and crevice of the VRR market. We will initially appoint 50 Catty Town Brand Ambassadors who will each receive a part time monthly income in return for their help in –

  1. Increasing the population of Catty Town by inviting residents they know who are active in VRR.
  2. Increasing the trading activity on Catty Town by inviting new traders to the site, earning commission on any you introduce.
  3. Increasing the trading activity on Catty Town by sharing news about products and special offers with their own networks both on Catty Town and on other platforms.

To become a Brand Ambassador you should be somebody who is already an active member of one of the Catty Town Interest Categories and on social media. The role would suit a blogger/commentator/reviewer well or somebody with a large network of friends in the VRR world.



If this is of interest you should get in touch with us immediately. See our 8 page brochure below.


Social Influencer Brochure